Why should teachers incorporate ICT into the classroom?

Being on prac has reinforced why ICT is an integral component in any modern day classroom. Here are some of the reasons that come to mind…

  1. Technology is constantly changing. Hence, the jobs of the future are going to require skilled and competent users of a wide range of digital technologies.
  2. Easier differentiation for a wide diversity of students.
  3. Creates an interactive space for students to develop deeper meta cognitive processes.

First day of prac.

Well today was my first day of prac. My mentor is absolutely amazing and what makes it even more amazing, is she is in charge of the STEM program and trials all the new technologies before any of the other teachers do. Tomorrow she is introducing me to an Activpanel stand which the school has at the moment on trial. Essentially its like an Interactive whiteboard, but can do a lot more things as its on wheels and can be adjusted to form a table. Hence,  the children can sit around it and use it just as if they were sitting at their desks. Can’t wait! Perhaps any other Pre-service teachers may have come across one in their placements. Would love to hear about your experiences with it.  Check out the link below which tells you more about it.   https://www.prometheanworld.com/au/products/interactive-flat-panels/activpanel-stands 

ICT in the classroom

So, this evening I was reading Amanda’s post about whether books will become a thing of the past, due to the rapid advancements in technology. I then decided to ponder on this for a moment….

As an upcoming educator, I certainly realise the impact ICT can have on the classroom and quality of learning. In fact, I just wrote an essay on how ICT can support literacy learning and walked away amazed, with the benefits and implications it can have for transforming student learning.  On past practical experience placements, I have also been able to witness first hand, these rapid advancements in technology, that were not present during my schooling. It really amazed me, how much things can change so quickly, but in a good way I guess. Especially in terms of differentiating the content for children of various learning abilities. However, this then eluded me to the the point I guess I would like  to make this evening. Are we expecting too much ICT integration in our classrooms, particularly in the early years? I mean just from my last practical experience placement, I found it extremely difficult to write just a few paragraphs on the whiteboard, without getting a massive cramp in my hand…… Would love to hear everyone’s thoughts on this!


Using bubbl.us

So this evening I decided to have a play with mind map software. Well to begin with, after registering and then opening the site, I felt frazzled! I thought to myself, I have just been learning how to use WordPress and now I have to learn how to use this program! Please don’t do this to me! So I took a moment, closed my laptop, took a deep breath and went to the fridge to grab a yummy piece of chocolate cake I made the night prior. Mmmmmh it was so yummy! After enjoying my piece of cake, I then reopened my laptop and began exploring this program.

Well what can I say, I shocked myself! After playing around with the program, I soon realised it was not going to be as challenging as WordPress. In fact, after completing my own little mind map below, I actually thought, gee I could use this sort of program in my classroom!


I have just been hit by a bus!

So you may have noticed I am a little behind in all these blog posts…. Unfortunately, I got really sick and ended up in hospital for a little while, So I am trying to catch up on all the course readings and get back on track…  So this evening I have been playing around with all these different Avatar programs, to try and find one best suited for assignment 3.

Image result for Dory just keep swimming


C + A+ P= QL

As I was reading through module 2, I come across a really cool formula. C+A+P=QL. This formula stands for Curriculum, Assessment and Pedagogy. = Quality Learning. I thought to myself, what an absolute fantastic little acronym. Reflecting on my unit planning, I never thought of planning in that way! In fact, I guess you could say, my view or outlook on planning was rather stale and stagnant. I just assumed unit planning was Curriculum + Content =  Successful learning.

However, I have learnt the importance of backward design. Ensuring I look at the assessment task in detail and then plan my learning experiences from their. This then enables me to provide the appropriate scaffolding and guidance for my students, for them to complete their summative assessments. Learning about the process of backward design, has now given me the confidence I need to plan authentic, meaningful and relevant assessment. Moving forward, in my current and future planning of assessment, I vow to always follow this equation to ensure all my students are being engaged with high class pedagogy!

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